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Ecosophy Society of Victoria

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This is a group for meeting and discussing the ideas of a philosophy that puts nature and our position within it as equals. With like minded people we intend to talk not only with those that already live with this knowledge but also help spread the ideas of ecosophy with those who are new to the idea or are interested. Hopefully at the end of the meetings you will come away with another point of view on how to live your life in a more direct and helpful manner.

Ecosophy is the melding of ecology and humanity into a single cohesive philosophy on how to live your life in accordance with the natural world. That we are a part of the ecosphere and not just an influence on it. We are nature in action. One of the most basic and prime acknowledgments of the the foundations of the universe and the world that we live within.

That we have the language that defines nature as something other than us is a blind spot that so many fall into.

There is no doctrines or set list of rituals/rules. Everyones input and observation is welcome.

You may identify your self as any manner of different guises, Environmentalist, philosopher, Pagan or none of the above. We do not judge and it is not a requirement - consider it just a nice little introduction point that can help start various conversations and give people an idea of the angle you appreach ideas.

While topics of a political nature will come up because of its impact on daily living, we do not have any pre-disposed position. We are not left/right/center but merely have a deep respect for the natural world around us.

There will be four meetings every year, one for each season. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. These will be held on the first Saturday of each season. While celebrating physical events such as the equinox solstice would be more appropriate, the calendar is much easier for everyone to coordinate to and work with.

If you have any inquiries, information or just want to drop me a line, please contact me at


To be advised. Will be starting in late 2019.


Q: Is there a joining fee?

A: There are no fees associated with us in any fashion. This is a mere discussion group with very minimal overheads. There is also the issue of trying not to introduce any means of power over the direction of the group via monetary systems.

Q: Is there a base committee?

A: Currently, no. While there is the means for a committee to be established this is not in the current hierarchy.

Q: Is there a code of conduct?

A: Yes there is. Essentially just be respectful of each other. The full text is at the bottom of this page.

Q: How can I help out?

A: Yes, while there is not much to be done any help will be appreciated. If not brought up at the meetings, I can be contacted via my email.

More about Ecosophy

The term was coined by the French post-structuralist philosopher and psychoanalyst Felix Guattari and the Norwegian father of deep ecology Arne Dekke Eide Næss.

"Without modifications to the social and material environment, there can be no change in mentalities. Here, we are in the presence of a circle th t leads me to postulate the necessity of founding an "ecosophy" that would link environmental ecology to social ecology and to mental ecology."

It is a combination of learning to live within the alance of nature and how to make active contributions to the environment.

Code of conduct

This Code of Conduct applies to us as participants in any campaigns, projects, and communities under the Ecosophy Society of Victoria name. It covers our behavior in any related forum, mailing list, IRC channel, wiki web site, public meeting, or private correspondence.

Be respectful.

Respect each another, as well as people outside or new to the community. Personal attacks, hate speech, trolling, baiting, spamming, and discrimination on the basis of such things as gender, race, and sexuality, will not be tolerated.

We are working towards a platform of communication for everyone, and that includes those who do not fully agree with us. Rather than condemning individuals for not agreeing wholeheartedly or even disagreeing, respectfully try to help them better understand, and try to understand their views as well. This requires persistently maintaining our best behavior. Frustration from a disagreement or even deliberate agitation is not a valid excuse for poor behavior. Differing views are a strength for diverse communities, and they should be resolved constructively, always with an eye toward finding common ground, giving each other the benefit of the doubt, and being cautious of misinterpretation. Avoid over-defensive or aggressive reactions and try to pacify any disruptive situations as early as possible to prevent conflicts from escalating. A productive community makes people feel comfortable and welcome.

Be mindful.

Keep in consideration that our actions directly affect others, including colleagues and the public, and reflect on Ecosophy Society of Vcitoria as a whole. This includes many basic things like asking for help if unsure about something, or announcing when we leave a project and trying to find others who can pick up where we leave off. We are all working together and the success of our efforts depends on our ability to cooperate. Our contributions are all valuable and will be built upon by others, and in turn our work will depend on that of others.

Work together.

Aim to make allies wherever possible, and avoid burning bridges. We should stand by our strong set of ideals while remaining very welcoming as a movement. Collaboration is highly encouraged. Reach out to as many individuals as well as existing groups. All work should be done as transparently as possible and published in a way that enables others to discuss and get involved with your efforts.

Advocate for Ecosophy.

In accordance with 1-3, please do not be aggressive toward others who may not immediately share the same views. If we are not encouraging and respectful, we can't hope to gain their support.

Frame issues and arguments in a way which is conducive to changing minds, not alienating visitors. People are unlikely to listen if they feel in any way like they're being attacked. They are much more receptive to ideas which presented in a positive and constructive way. Being respectful doesn't mean sacrificing our core ideals; we should always frame the issues we work on in terms of those ideals.

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I do not turn out much content, at least not compared with the pace of most internet sites. Also I understand that most people would not check a site like this often and it would be easier to just receive an email of the content once a month. As such if you want the new content delivered straight to your email then please email me at and just put "Mailing List" in the subject line and you will be added.

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Do keep in mind that like the rest of this website - none of this is automated in any fashion. The mailing list is literally a text file of email addresses and I will manually add and remove users as they request. Less complexity may mean more work for me but it also keeps things nimble as there are few dependencies.

If you wish to be removed from the list, just email me telling me so. You do not have to give any reasoning at all. People and the minds and habits of them change with time and the universe.


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